9700 - Error: Printer System error / IP printer error

If you have IP network based printers tm-u220b M188B or similar which are setup on IPCC's then there is a process called ipcc.exe which is required for these to work.

Step 1) First we need to get to a micros prompt. In Version 3.00+ Type "micros" and press enter without the quotes. Go to step 2.
In versions less than 3.00 "Start -> Programs -> Micros Systems 9700 -> Nut Cracker". At the $ prompt type in "micros" and press enter. Go to step 2.

Step 2) At the micros prompt then type in "ps ipcc" without the quotes and press enter. If you are returned an ipcc process then this is not the problem. If you are not returned a process type in "reload" and press enter and then type "ps ipcc" and press enter. You should now be able to print.


  1. Cool website buddy I am gona suggest this to all my list of contacts. printing for Every Door Direct Mail

  2. I have multiple locations that I am responsible for and I am attempting to install a new kitchen printer at a new location. We currently have a KP in another location so the previous manager created an IPCC and labeled it PUB IPCC, since this is a different location I created another IPCC and labeled it Tiffin IPCC. Is it okay to have more than one IPCC? I keep getting a printer error when trying to print to KP.

    1. Kbaker2, Hi!
      I have the same issue when I try to print to KP, I created several IPCC´s on EMC and changed IP to printers without success. I killed ipcc process on task manager and turned on with "micros dbs up" on cygwin. Do you have any suggest? Please, let me know. Thanks!!!!




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