RES 3700 - Error : Check Detail Read Failed


The error "Check Detail Read Failed" while trying to open a check/table on the micros RES 3700 point of sale system. This error is present is all versions of RES but occurs much less frequently since RES 4.0

This error is an indication that the check has become unreadable in the database. It can occur if the check is being accessed during a power failure or some other interruption to the operation of the micros system.

These checks are unrecoverable and can only be closed in the database.

To proceed you will need to know the check number which is currently causing the error.

Step 1) On the Micros POS server open DBISQL. To do this press Start -> Run -> Type "dbisql" without the quotes.

Step 2) Enter the username and password:

Username: custom

Password: custom


Username: installer

Password: installer

Step 3) Type the following command and replace XXXX with your check number and execute:

Select chk_seq, chk_num, chk_open from micros.chk_dtl where chk_num = XXXX;

chk_seq = Check Sequence number is a unique number

chk_num = Four digit check number used to identify a transaction.

chk_open = True or False. True means the check is open, False means its closed.

Step 4)  Make a note of the number in the chk_seq column and type in the following command and replace XXXXXX with the chk_seq number and execute:

call micros.sp_forcechkclose(XXXXXX);

The check should now be closed.



  1. That's exactly what I needed. In my case, the terminal lost connection to the server when the waiter was keying in a check. He then openned the same table on another terminal. When the original terminal reconnected it created a conflict. this fixed the issue. Thanks!!

  2. This all sounds very simple, but neither of the suggested passwords will work for me, so I am stuck!

  3. Worked like a charm. Thank you Dealer for not changing default PW!!

  4. Si que funciona.... excelente aporte

  5. Can this be fixed when you don't have the check number?

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