E7 - Error: Current Business Date is Incorrect

All Micros POS systems work on the principal that the current sales get saved into the database under the current business date.

The business date does not always match the current date.
Example the business date might be 1st November 2010 but its just past midnight in your bar or restaurant and you dont exactly want the system to suddenly start saving data under the 2nd November because at the end of your night  you want all your sales in one place so you can balance your finances.

So you might ask how does the business date update and when?

Well there are two ways. You can set the business date to automatically change at a certain time eg 4am when you close your bar.

But the most common way to update the business date is to have the End of Day procedure do it for you. When you finish your days work the End of Day does things like print reports, backup the database, check for any open checks that someone might have missed and last but not least update the business date.

Honestly you can configure the End of Day to do whatever you want but this is the most common.

So for whatever reason the business date has not updated follow the below steps to get things back in order:

Step 1) Find out if any of the workstations have the correct business date. You can do this by pressing the E7 Info button on the POS screen. This is usually just an E7 icon. Once pressed you will get a little popup which gives some info and the first line will give the business date. If you find one or more workstations with the correct business date then proceed to Step 1a. If they are all on the wrong business date then proceed to Step 1b and if they are all on the wrong date but not all the same wrong date then move to Step 1c.

Step 1a) Ok so say we have the E7 PC on the correct date and all the workstations on the same wrong date. Easy fix but requires you to go to each workstation and perform the same task.
Process: Go to your workstation with the incorrect date. Sign in and go to the managers screen and select workstations.  You should now have a list of your workstations including your PC. Select the PC (or whatever workstation has the correct date) and on the right hand side you have an option to "Retrieve all Definitions". Select this and press ok. It will sync the definitions and update the business date. Sign out and press the E7 Info button on the sign in screen to confirm.
Repeat until all workstations are synced.

Step 2) If they are all on the wrong business date then you have not run your End of Day to update the business date. Sign into your system on the PC or workstations (doesnt matter which) and go to your touchscreen with the End of Day option. Select this and after a while it will do what it needs to do and update your business date.

Step 3) So your business dates are all over the place but none of them are correct. Find the workstation with the most recent business date and perform Step 1a above.
Once all your workstations have the same date perform Step 2 above.

All done.


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