RES 3700 - Incorrect server name in MDSHOSTS.XML


If you are seeing this error message in your 3700d.log then either someone has changed the name of your servers hostname or someone changed the name of the server in the pos configurator.

Micros RES relies on the server name remaining unchanged.

Step 1) Find out what your server name should be.
To do this open Services.msc. You will have a service called "sqlSERVERNAME" where servername is the name that your server should be.

Step 2) Next check what your servers name actually is. Open a command prompt and type in "hostname". This will return to you your servers name.

If the servers name is incorrect then change the name back to what you found in step 1. Right click on My Computer -> Properties -> Computer Name tab and click change.


Do you need to change your server name?

There are some reasons why you need to change your servers name whether it be changing your companys name and your server name reflects the old one, moving your server onto a domain etc.

Micros supplies a handy little tool which does all the work for you. This tool is compatible with RES 4.9 and below. Click here to download it.
Email me if the download link stops working.


Within the ZIP file you have the following files:
- setname.exe
- setname.cfg
- mfc70.dll
- msvci70.dll
- msvcr70.dll

Copy all 5 files to D:\Micros\Res\Pos\Etc

Note: This tool changes your computer name as well as any necessary registry settings.

Before starting turn your database off from the Micros Control panel.

Run setname.exe and you will be shown the same as the below image.

Enter your new server name in the text box provided and press OK. You will be informed when the program has completed. It shouldn't take too long.

Restart the server.

Once the server is restarted open the Pos Configurator -> Devices -> Network nodes.

Select your server from the list and change the computer name to your new name.
Press the green tick to save.
Reload the database from the Micros Control Panel.

And your done!.



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