E7 - Managing and configuring your employees privileges.

E7's employee privilege management is messy but here is how its done.
First you need to enter the Configuration and select Jobs (1).

2 This is the where you can add a new job or a new job category. Select the down arrow and choose the appropriate option.
3  A job category is nothing more than a label. It has no effect on anything.
4  A job is very important. It defines all of the jobs privileges and access rights. See below image.

To make things easily managed i suggest you create a "Job Category" for your different types of staff. Eg Managers, Employees, Temporary staff etc.

Within the "Job Category" you should have the breakdown of each employee class where you plan on making their configuration slightly different. EG. Duty Manager has the rights to perform voids but a Bartender does not.

Each of the "Jobs" ie Bartender has 6 tabs containing different options and access rights. Configure them so they are appropriate for the Job type.

Once completed from the Drop down list at 1 select "Employees".

2 You can add a new "Employee Category" or "Employee".
3 "Employee Category" is nothing more than a label. I suggest you create the same categories as you created for "Jobs". It just makes for easier management of your staff.
4 "Employee" is important. Its a unique identification for each employee you have. You can define their name, address, login id's etc. 
When you create a new employee on the "Job Information" tab you need to select the "Default Job" which you previously created. This links the privileges created to that particular employee. See below Image.

And your done.


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