RES 3700 - Cannot delete menu items from Pos Configurator

When you try and delete some menu items from the Pos Configurator menu item list you get the following error:

Key violation.
[Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere]Integrity constraint violation: Primary key for row in table 'mi_def' is referenced by foreign key 'CFK2MI_DTL'
General SQL error.
in table mi_dtl.

First thing is not to be worried. This is normal behavior.

The reason you are getting this error is because micros keeps records of sales compared to menu items. So basically you cannot delete menu items which have been sold until those historical totals are purged.
See the Pos Configurator -> Reporting -> Historical Totals. This will show you how long each report hold data before they are purged.

If you don't want to use this menu item anymore you have a few options.
1) Reuse the menu item. Just rename it and edit all the options for a new item.
2) Clear all options including the name so its a blank menu item.
3) Renumber the menu item so that it remains in your system but is just out of the way. See the below pictures as an example. Most people don't have millions of menu items in their database so usually the 9000000 number range is blank.
When you double click on the number beside the menu item you can change the number. Change it to something in the 9000000 range or whatever you want and put it in that part of the list.



  1. A few tips:

    1) Close POS Configurator WITHOUT SAVING in case of any Error Message.

    2) To discontinue a Menu Item:

    a) Go into the "Prices" tab;

    b) Set "Effective From" (if it is not set) to some date more than a year ago;

    c) Set "Effective To" to the time, when you need to discontinue the Menu Item;

    Important note:

    Micros keeps historical data for about 370 days (depends on the actual settings and type of data).

    If you rename a Menu Item that has some historical totals - your Consolidated reports will show some combined totals of the "new" and "old" Menu Items.

    A Menu Item or an Employee record could be deleted - once the related historical records are purged (after 370 days) and there are no other related records left in the Database. "Other records" example: "direct" Menu Item buttons in the Touch Screen Designer.

    Thank You!

  2. I have 1 issue, Seems that my new menu button was not appear in POS after receiving. Some say need to subscribe. how can i subcribe the new button?

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