LES 9700 - Installing Winstation or SAR OPS on Desktop PC Win32 environment.

This guide is for people who want to install Micros LES 9700 Winstation or SAR OPS on a Windows based PC.

These are instructions on how to install the workstation but not how to configure the workstation in the EMC. I might create instructions on this at a later stage.

NOTE: From this point on i will refer to the computer you want to install micros on as a workstation.

Step 1) On your workstation map a network drive to your micros server. To do this press Start -> Run and type "\\SERVERNAME" where SERVERNAME is the IP address or Hostname of the micros server.

You may be prompted to enter a username and password.

Either way you will be brought to a share drive where you should have a folder called "MicrosClient" or "ClientInstalls".

If you wish to install a Winstation client proceed to step 2. If you wish to install a SAR client proceed to step 3.

Step 2) Double click on the Winstation.exe. The installation will begin. Keep pressing Next until you come to a screen to choose Administrator or Workstation mode. Choose Administrator mode. As the name suggests you must be loggin in as an administrator.

Keep pressing next and finally Finish and then the installation will begin.
Once finished you will need to reboot the workstation.

After reboot you will have a Winstation.exe on you desktop where you will be able to launch the client from.

Step 3) Open the SarClient folder and double click on the setup.exe. When the installer asks you to enter your Primary server name enter the IP address of the micros server. Enter the workstation name and complete the install.

After reboot you will have a SAROPS.exe on the desktop of your workstation.


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