E7 - Micros E7 POS Password ID recovery.


Have you lost, forgotten or never had your managers access password ID? Don't worry it can be recovered.

Unfortunately its very difficult compared to Micros 3700 and 9700 and unless you know how to decode binary files using a hex editor im not going to get into it.

If you wish to recover your access I will perform this for a nominal fee of €30 (around 42USD).

For this price you will receive full administrative access to your micros POS system.

If for whatever reason there is no administrative user account in your system ie someone deleted it and then downgraded their own access rights. (Ive seen it done!) I can create an administrative user for you. This will be charged at €100 (around 140USD) because its significantly more work.

I do not need access to your system to perform these tasks but i will need a single file from your database which has the encoded password ID's. Please contact me via email for further information regarding this service. micros.pos.info@gmail.com.



  1. call me please and reset mine 7697982083

  2. With the only login i have, i'm getting *no access to read data* in POS Configurator. Are you able to unlock this?

    1. im having the same problem please let me know if u figure this out

  3. I am able to read binary files with a hex editor. Which file is it?

  4. I am able to read binary files with a hex editor. Which file is it?




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