RES 3700 - Remote reboot of workstations in Micros RES 3700 POS command line

As you may have already noticed in RES 4.x they introduced a reboot feature in the Micros Control Panel which lets you reboot an individual workstation or all of the workstations at once.

What you probably didn't know was that this functionality has always been available since the first Micros 3700 Pos system. It is a command line program called REMOTEREBOOT.exe and is located in D:\Micros\Common\Bin

If you type REMOTEREBOOT /? into the command prompt you get the below user information but simply if you type "remotereboot WS01"  it reboots the workstation called WS01. Simple and useful.

MICROS RES RemoteReboot version 4.1
usage:  RemoteReboot [/?] [-h] [/allclients] [<nodenames>]+

   /? or -h prints this help message.

   /allclients reboots all configured clients. Will not reboot the server.

   Specifying one or more computer nodenames on the command line will cause
      a message to be sent to reboot only those client workstations

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