RES 3700 - Understanding DBISQL for Micros POS.

DBISQL is a program which is used to query the Micros 3700 POS database.
It can be launched on the micros server by typing DBISQL into the run prompt and pressing OK. See below screenshots.

Micros POS installs usually have then following passwords by default. You may also have been given a DBA password by your micros installer.

Username: custom
Password: custom


Username: installer
Password: installer

You may also need to select the ODBC data source name which will be called "Micros" but 99% of the time you wont need to do this. See the image above.


An example of what you expect to be able to see after logging in is shown in the image below.

An example what what an actual query in dbisql looks like is shown in the image below. This query returns the data for all checks in the database.

To search how select, update, inserts and everything to do with SQL works I suggest you google some tutorials so you can get the most out of your micros database.


  1. Does any know where micros gets data for the (External Posting Files)?

  2. There are highly proprietary systems (even if you us a PC to access them) and there is no way to know exactly what your system is running - most many have had specialized software installed. Even if it is the base, completely unaltered Micros, you can't get information on these things without a service account with them.
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  3. do you have the dba password for micros 3700?

  4. I have a question once i force to close the Check because i have ( 9700 - Error: Check Detail Read Failed )
    when i close the SQL , everting come back again .

    save it ? how..! ?

  5. Getting a "Printer Communication Failure" error message. All cabling has been checked and in good. Any thoughts?

  6. I am getting the error "Could not connect to the database. Database Server Not Found"

    Any ideas?

  7. I am trying to view the reports for daily, weekly and hourly . Is there a way to extract these data from SQL anywhere in to excel or some other format?

  8. very Interesting and useful information epos uk you have shared and keep sharing the blogs....




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