Erasing contents of a Micros WS4, WS4LX, WS5(a)

Sometimes you want to wipe the contents of a workstation for whatever reason. These instructions are identical regardless of workstation and POS type. This is how its done:

On all WS4, WS4LX, WS5 and WS5a workstations there are two drives called CF and DOC.

The DOC is a storage space on the workstation which is not on the Compact Flash card.
In the DOC drive you will have a folder called Utilities and inside this folder there is an executable called WCF.exe. This executable is basically used to reset the workstation back to factory settings.

Once launched you will be given three options:
- Clear Registry Settings
- Erase Compact Flash
- Format Compact Flash

All options are self explanatory. One note however Format Compact Flash automatically performs option 1&2. Once any of the options are selected the workstation shuts down. You will need to press the power button to turn it back on. Once it turns back on you will be requested to install micros again using CAL.


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  2. When I select Reconfigure CAL on the workstation I'm getting a message "Cannot find MscrsCAL (or one of its components) Make sure the path and file name are correect and that all the required libraries are available.
    Would you happen to know what the problem is?

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