Welcome to my Micros Point of sale Help Blog

Welcome to my Micros Point of sale Help Blog

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  1. I recently purchased 4 used RES 3700 terminal, I was wondering if I can install the E7 on the terminal?


  2. Yes all micros terminals can support all versions of micros 3700, 9700, Simphony and E7.

    1. I am afraid, that there are still plenty of old units that are no longer supported in the latest versions.
      Like you could buy an "Ultra" - a very good unit, but it not supported (or no longer supported) on all systems mentioned above.

      For E7 the best is WS5a. Old disked workstations could be Servers at best.

  3. I'm looking for the drivers for WS5a with POSReady 2009, any help will be really appreciated.

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  5. A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine who runs a restaurant had his server crash. I went down to help him, being somewhat familiar with MICROS systems. After rebuilding the boot.ini the server came back online as well as all of the POS terminals, however most of the admin functions (Touchscreen Configurator, Control Panel) will just not open. I am getting the following error when I try to open CPanel.exe (control panel) "Please verify that the Microsoft Data Access Components 2.1 or later have been installed."

    Not sure if this is a Micros issue or a Microsoft issue but I don't want to proceed without some insight. Going for simple here, is there a way to rollback the Micros system and DB? It's a 3700 (4.7 rev)

    thank you for any help!


  6. How do you correct a incorrect paid out punched in by a server at the end of an evening which ultimatlely effects the system balance report????

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