RES 3700 - Recover Micros login ID from database

Due to the nature of the restaurant business there is generally a large amount of staff turnover. This can sometimes lead to senior level access to the Micros POS system being lost of just not passed from one person to another.

Thankfully its easy to get back through some SQL commands.

NOTE: If you are uncomfortable with performing any of these tasks contact someone who will be able to follow these instructions or I may be able to perform these tasks remotely for a fee. See my email address at the top of this page if you need to contact me.

Classic Security:

For this we need access to DBISQL. If you don't know what this is read my quick overview of it here.

After logging in run the following statement:
Select first_name, last_name, pc_appl_id, id, effective_to from micros.emp_def

This will return to you all of the employees in the database with their login information. Select the appropriate information for the previous person with full system access.

PC_APPL_ID = Login ID for the micros applications on the server eg Pos Configurator
ID = Login ID for the till system. Usually their employee card number.
EFFECTIVE_TO = If the employee was setup to expire at a particular date then this is the date. If it is before today then you will not be able to login using this ID.

Enhanced Security:

If you have enhanced security which requires a username and password to login to the micros applications follow the below steps.

First you will need to perform the above steps for Classic Security and get a valid PC_APPL_ID.

Next you want to disable the Enhanced Security so that you can login using just the PC_APPL_ID number.

Execute the following update in DBISQL to disable the enhanced security.

update micros.rest_def set ob_classic_security = 'T'

Now open the Pos Configurator and it will allow you to login with just the pc_appl_id number.
As soon as you login execute the following statement to re-enable the enhanced security.

update micros.rest_def set ob_classic_security = 'F'
Now open the employee list and you can now set yourself a new Username and Password.

Hope this helps you out.


  1. I'm giving this a try right now. I accidentally messed my password entry up 6 times in a row and it shut my account down. I still have another admin account, but it has no back office accessibility. The behaviour of this software is very disconcerting.

    For example, if I were a malicious person, I could write a script that would lock everyone out of a micros install just by reading the emp_def table and then repeatedly entering in false credentials for each emp_seq.

    Oh well, this is the least of Micros' problems. The database's 'spreadsheet syndrome', and design inconsistencies are more disconcerting, or at least appear disconcerting given the limited access the custom/custom account has.

    I would love a micros engineer to explain to me the design choices behind the condiments group table (micros.cond_grp_mem_def). Why is it a good idea to have 256 columns in a table?

    i could go on all day... *sigh*

    Sorry about the rant. There are some great resources on this blog for people who have to suffer with Micros.

  2. Worked like a charm. I've got my old account back. I didn't think this was going to work, because of the UPDATE statement. I've tried to update tables before, to close cheques, basically to set the table to be closed. The updates always failed due to limited permissions of the custom/custom account. Then I learned of sp_forcetableclose or some similar sounding procedure, for which custom/custom did have permissions.

    This actually made me happy, because I figured it made it harder for the unprivileged to mess with any data. Now that I know I can update to the micros.rest_def table, I'm really concerned.

  3. Im not sure If im at the wrong computer or what but at my mircros station, (which I am told is also the server computer ) the 'run' command is not there in the start menu .. So I am unable to run dbisql . I am a new manager with the task of programming a new menu, however the POS configurator has a password on it that no one at this property has had for the last year at least.

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  5. I had the same problem. But when I try to reset the user ID and user PASSWORD the fields are solid gray and I cannot type in them.

  6. Thank you so much! This worked like a champ and saved us $2600 for a consultant.

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  8. Help! I tried the command but get the error saying I don't have permission to update rest_def

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