RES 3700 - Log files for Micros RES 3700

3700d.log - Located in D:\Micros\Res\Pos\Etc

The 3700d.log contains the general day to day logs of the micros pos system.

The logs are rotated every day as part of the end of day or whenever the executable "rotatelog.exe" is executed.
Each rotation appends a number to the end of the file name eg. 3700d.log.0
A maximum of 7 days logs is kept at any one time.

The verbosity level of the log file defines how much detail is logged. By default it is at level 0.
To change the verbosity open the micros control panel via the run prompt "cpanel.exe /verbosity" and in the control panel you will have a new verbosity tab where you can set the logging level. See the below screenshot.

If you select your Server name and select the verbosity tab you will see a list of modules where you can increase the verbosity level using the slider along the bottom for a particular module.

This becomes very useful if you notice a problem with a certain part of micros and to help diagnose this you increase the verbosity.

NOTE: If the verbosity level is left too high the log files can become very large very fast.

DM.log Located in D:\Micros\Common\Etc

This log contains information from the usage of the Database Manager. ie. backups, backup validation etc.

CLCONTROL_SERVERNAME.log Located in D:\Micros\Res\Pos\Etc

This log contains the logs when the CLCONTROL command line database control program us used.

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