RES 3700 - Error: No communication with Database server, Enter Stand Alone Mode


Stand Alone Mode - is a status where the tills can operate by themselves without any communication with the micros server. All checks will be stored on the workstation and any checks created on the other workstations will not be accessible from anywhere except the workstation it was created on.

A requirement for this to be successful in closing off checks and giving customer receipts is to have payment types designed for Stand alone mode.  These payment types are usually denoted by "O/L" before the payment type.OL = Off Line.

This is only a requirement if the Micros is integrated with a PMS system as to prevent the offline still attempting to communicate with the PMS system.


Step 1) Make sure the Micros server is turned on.

Step 2) Make sure the database is running. Open the Micros Control Panel "Start -> Programs -> Micros Applications -> Micros Control Panel". Select Restaurant and make sure that the system is set to "Front Of House".

Step 3) If the system is set to Front of House next thing to check is if the workstations are showing as green arrows in the control panel. If all the workstations are Red arrows then the problem is with the network communication between the server and the workstations.
If you dont see any workstations green or red then select View -> Show All Clients.
You should now be able to see whether they are Green or Red.

Step 4) Check the free diskspace on the database drive. If the drive has no space the system wont work.

Step 5) If all of the above is ok then your next step is to check the status of the MICROS MDS HTTP SERVICE.
Open services list by typing Services.msc into the run prompt. Scroll down to the Micros mds http service and make sure its started. After it is started reload the database via the control panel. This service is required for communication between the workstations and the database.

Step 6) If all above has failed then restarting the server couldnt hurt.

Step 7) Further investigation into the logs would be needed.



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