9700 - Error: Check Detail Read Failed


The error "Check Detail Read Failed" while trying to open a check/table on the micros 9700 point of sale system. This error is present is all versions of 9700.

This error is an indication that the check has become unreadable in the database. It can occur if the check is being accessed during a power failure or some other interruption to the operation of the micros system.

These checks are unrecoverable and can only be closed in the database.

Due to the nature of the databases used in Micros 9700 SQL 2000,2005,Oracle 9i and 10g; there are many ways to execute the necessary commands. Im going to assume that you know how to execute an SQL statement and just give the command.
Replace XXXX with the micros check number.

update microsdb.checks set checkclose=checkopen where checknumber=XXXX and checkclose is null

This command will close off any checks which are open and have the number you entered.

If you want to be more exact or if there are more than one check open with the same check number then follow the below steps.

Execute command where XXXX is the check number:

Select * from microsdb.checks where checknumber =XXXX and checkclose is null;

Make a note of the CHECKID number and execute the following where XXXXX is the CHECKID:

Update microsdb.checks set checkclose=checkopen where checkid=XXXXX;

And your check is closed.

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  1. hello, we have 3700 and we have a problem with respect to clock out. When the employee wants to perform "clock out" sends this message " time clock detail update failure" . We hope you can help .

    First of all, Thanks




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