RES 3700 - Low Disk Space Common Causes.

From time to time it is possible that the micros drives can run out of space. Below i will list the usual suspects.

Database backups:

If your backing up the micros database on the server you should be running database validation. If the validation fails it will create a .bad extension backup in the "%Database Dir%\micros\database\data" directory where %Database Dir%  is the drive the database is stored on.

For reasons i dont know why if a .bad file is created the archived backups will no longer rotate and it will store backups in the "%Database Dir%\micros\database\data\archives" until the hard  drive runs out of space.

Solution: Delete the .bad file and delete any unnecessary backups in the archives directory.


3700d.log Verbosity:

In the D:\Micros\Res\Pos\Etc directory there are 7 days worth of 3700d.log files.
If the verbosity is turned up high in the logs and left like that it can eat up disk space very quickly.
To change the verbosity open the Micros Control panel via the command line.

cpanel.exe /verbosity

The Micros Control Panel will now open with a verbosity tab where you can change the verbosity for the services and workstations between 0 and 10. Normal use should all be 0.

Database Log File size:

All RES 3700 databases have a file called micros.log kept in the "%Database Dir%\micros\database\data" directory along with the micros.db which is the database.

The micros.log file is essential for the database to run but on occasion this file has been known to vastly increase in size into the gigabytes. Usually they are less than a few meg if not less than a meg.

Version 3.2 and below:
Step 1) Stop the database.
Step 2) Start -> Run and type in "scview" without the quotes and press ok.
Step 3) Select utilities and select "Change log file information". You may need to add the adaptive server anywhere plugin to get these options.

Step 4) Browse to the micros.db file and press next.
Step 5) Use all the default options here except the step where it asks you to create a mirror log file, here select "no change"
Step 6) Tick the box to delete the old log file information and press finish.
Step 7) Once you press finish you will be given a summary of your settings, just press ok to this.

Step 8) Open a command prompt and change the directory to the micros database directory which contains the micros.db file and execute the following command.

dbsrv6.exe micros.db -f

The SQL adaptive server anywhere program should have opened and now shrank down to the system tray. Double click on the icon and select shutdown.

Now start the database via the Micros Control Panel and shazam you should have a started database and a brand new small micros.log file.

Version 4.0 and above:

Thankfully much easier than 3.2 and much less frequently needed.

Step 1) Stop the database
Step 2) Delete the micros.log file
Step 3) Run the following command from the run prompt where D:\ is the drive of your database. You might notice something flash up for a split second but will most likely go unnoticed. (Capital F is important)

DM.exe -F D:\micros\database\data\micros.db

Step 4) Start the database via Micros Control Panel, you should now have a new micros.log file.



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