RES 3700 - Licence is in Grace Period or has Expired

Micros RES requires a licence in order to operate.

If you dont have a licence you can put the product into Demo mode where it will operate with a reduced capacity.
To put it into demo mode "Start -> Programs -> Micros Applications -> Utilities -> Licence Manager" and enable DEMO.

If you have a licence but its still reporting as in grace period or has expired follow the below steps.

Step 1) Open the licence manager. See above. Make sure its not in demo mode.

Step 2) Open the Services list by typing services.msc into the run prompt. Restart the Micros Distributed Services Manager. If it fails to restart or freezes you will need to kill the process from the taskmanager. The service name is dsm.exe. Once killed start it from the services list.
Open the licence manager and press reload. If the licence now says "Key Present" you should be good to go.
NOTE: This problem is very frequent in 4.1 HF3. Look into upgrading if you have this version.

Step 3) If its still not working chances are the licence key is unplugged. It is a physical USB Key plugged into a USB port on the server. Very old micros versions will have a serial licence key plugged into the LPT1 port.

If you have a USB, reseat they key and Perform step 2. If you have a serial key reseat the key and reboot the server.

Step 4) If you cant find a USB licence key plugged into the server then contact your Micros Dealer. If you are part of a large chain you might have a MAL licence which is a software licence and you will need to contact your support.


  1. This worked! My manager and I were in a panic as doomsday was approaching fast or so it seemed. In License Manager it showed as "Key Present" yet still all the active features showed as clock dial, meaning that they were on a grace period, so it was really baffling as I knew our license is permanent. When I looked in Services I could see that DSS.exe was not running, it must have died or failed to start after recent system start. Once I started the service, everything returned to normal. Easy fix - Thank you!

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